I put together the 10 best warm recipes that are easy to prepare while traveling. These recipes do not require special ingredients and you can find almost all the ingredients even at a smaller grocery store.

Only almond and cashew milk, soy meal and nutritional yeast flakes are products that should be taken from home if you are at all unsure about the selection of the local grocery store. Fortunately, these all keep well at room temperature, and with the exception of plant milks, these ingredients weigh next to nothing.

Vegan ham pasta

The easiest vegan "ham pasta"

I have prepared this pasta several times during the trip, e.g. in a rented cottage. A large batch of pasta is prepared at once, enough to feed even a large group.

For this recipe, you need an oven, a large pot for cooking pasta, and some kind of large baking dish or two small ones.

The only ingredients critical to the recipe are vegan ham substitute and vegan cheese grater (or vegan chunky cheese suitable for grating). The rest of the ingredients can be found in every store.

Summer soup on a plate

Easy vegan summer soup

Summer soup is a wonderfully flexible summer dish, because you can use whatever vegetables you happen to find.

If you are traveling to a small town, you should pack one almond or cashew milk in your luggage, as they may not be available in all stores. UHT milks remain unopened at room temperature, so in this way you ensure that the plant milk you want is available exactly when you need it.

You can find all other ingredients in the store rather than in the store.

Warm smoked tofu sandwiches on a plate

Warm vegan smoked tofu sandwiches

These warm smoked tofu breads are prepared quickly and are well suited as a picnic lunch, as they are also delicious cold.

Breads can be prepared either on the stove, in the grill or in the oven.

Vegan tortillas

Vegan tortillas with two easy fillings

When talking about camping food, you shouldn't forget tortillas. Last summer we cooked tortillas on a campfire in completely primitive conditions and the end result was a great success! I boiled soy meal in water (1 part soy meal and 2 parts water) for about 5 minutes and then added taco seasoning.

Tortilla accessories can be found in very small shops too, so the only limit here is your own imagination.

Tip: Soybean meal is so light and keeps well that you should pack it in your luggage if you are not absolutely sure that it will be found at the destination.

Pasta carbonara on a plate

Vegan pasta carbonara

This feel-good food is easily prepared even on the go. You only need vegetable sausage suitable for the recipe and ordinary ingredients found in every store.

Nutritional yeast flakes are a special product that you can't find in smaller stores, but you can easily pack the flakes on a trip because they weigh practically nothing. On the other hand, nutritional yeast flakes can be completely omitted from this recipe - then add a little more other spices.

Bean sauce and pasta on a plate

A mild French bean sauce

This quick French bean sauce uses only common basic ingredients that can be found at even the smallest grocery store. If you can't find oat-based crème fraîche, you can also use oat cream instead.

You can leave out the balsamic vinegar completely during the trip.

Vegan nakki stroganoff in a dish

Quick vegan stroganoff

Vegan nakki stroganoff is also easily prepared on the go, as it is easy and straightforward to prepare and you can use almost any veggie sausage.

Salad in a bowl

Warm spicy chickpea salad

This warm hearty salad is prepared quickly and tastes just as good cold. Pack a salad with you for a trip or picnic, too.

See below the recipe for tips on how to make it even simpler if you can't find all the ingredients in the resort store.

Vegan soy-potato temptation

Easy vegan soy potato temptation

Soy and potato temptation is another recipe that I have prepared several times in the cabin. Temptation is easily prepared on a baking sheet and a large portion is prepared at once, which is enough for a larger group.

If you can't find garlic-flavored cream cheese, you can easily replace it with unflavored cream cheese, to which you add fresh crushed garlic and sweet chili sauce. I have done this myself, and the end result is exactly identical to the original recipe.

A hamburger on a plate

Vegan burgers with their own toppings

Last but by no means least: vegan burgers are perfect travel food. Steaks can be fried either on the grill, on a campfire or on the stove.
Each diner can fill the hamburger to suit their own taste.

Nowadays, you can find many good vegan steaks in stores to fill a hamburger. See here the results of our taste test!

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