Behind this blog is a pretty ordinary mother, who a year ago would not have believed that she would almost become a Vegan. We used to eat meat and dairy products at almost every meal, the kind of basic everyday food for a family with children. However, for health reasons, in 2019 I decided to add a lot more vegetables, fruits and berries to my diet, and originally my intention was to change my diet a little more plant-based. However, it was not intended to make it a special diet, not even that way.

But the vegetarian food experiment unexpectedly went a little out of hand. If in the old days we had one vegetarian day a week, then at some point things turned around so that we started having one meat day a week. In the end, even that started to feel unnecessary. And since I'm the main cook in our family, I would absorb the rest of the family as if unintentionally. However, our children eat mixed food at school, and that's fine. They also eat dairy products at home.

I myself eat 99% vegan, but I still use honey and sometimes (but less often) eggs. The correct term would therefore be ovo-vegetarian. However, I don't feel like a vegetarian, but rather a vegan who slips up a bit. Vegetarian foods actually contain a lot of dairy products! Huge amounts of cream and cheese. And since I don't use dairy products, I practically can't eat any vegetarian dishes. Vegan cookbooks and blogs are much more fun for me in this situation.

The purpose of this blog is to collect our new favorite recipes in one place. With the new diet, I've had to learn to cook a lot of completely new dishes, and at the same time I've literally thrown old favorite recipes in the trash. So now we need to get fresh stuffing in the recipe folder!

Ps. It is our practice that each family member has their own cooking shift once a week. Therefore, I also publish recipes in this blog with the tag ?kids cook?. These are particularly easy and simple vegetarian dishes, and they often use convenience foods as help.