We eat a lot of burgers, so we did a taste test for five vegan burger patties in honor of Midsummer. Can you guess which vegan steaks scored the best? See the jury's comments and the test winners below!

Note We bought all the steaks with our own money and the opinions are entirely our own.

The steaks we tested

We tested the following beef-imitating, vegan patties:

With the exception of Plant-It, all the steaks were already familiar to us, but we had always only eaten one variety at a time. It was interesting to see how different steaks rank when they compete in this way against each other.

Product packaging in a joint picture

How the steaks were tested

I filled each burger with exactly the same toppings, only the patty was different. In addition to the vegan patty, each burger had the following toppings: lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, vegan cheese and vegan mayonnaise.

Hamburgers were tasted in such a way that only I knew which patty it was. Other family members gave their reviews without knowing the brand name or manufacturer of the steak.

All vegan steaks were evaluated using the following criteria:

  • taste
  • structure
  • general feeling

There were 2 adults and 2 children in the council. Each panel member gave the steaks 1-5 stars and also verbal comments. Read a summary of the reviews below!

Test results

The table below shows the average score for each steak, and the rating scale was therefore 1-5.

SteakTasteStructureGeneral feeling
Pirkka Veggie steak3,844
Beyond Meat Beyond Burger3,93,33,5
Plant-It Meat-Free Burger3,14,33,5
Other Royale Burger4,955
Other Premium Burger3,64,83,5

The winner was Muu Royale Burger with almost full points! This wasn't terribly surprising, because it's been a guaranteed hamburger patty that everyone always likes, including the picky ones in the family.

A hamburger on a plate
Other Royale

The other worst part of Royale might be that you can't often find it in a grocery store, because someone has already gone to buy it and the shelf is empty. Availability is uncertain, especially if you buy steaks for a larger group. But as the taste test proves, there are other options that the whole family can enjoy.

Pirka's veggie steak also performed very well. One of the council members gave Pirkka veggie steak a full five stars, so it clearly has its own fan base.

The other steaks didn't impress in the same way, but still got a decent average (3.5).

If we look at the taste alone, Beyond Meat also did very well. The problem was that its taste was already too meaty for some of the residents - it felt like eating a real ground beef steak. On the other hand, it can be quite a positive thing for many picky eaters or those who have only recently switched to a plant-based diet. Familiar tastes are important.

If you look at the texture and appearance of the patty, Muu Royale and Beyond Meat most resembled a real hamburger patty. They were also the thickest steaks in the test.

Free comments

Below are some more free comments from the members of the council about steaks.

SteakFree comments
Pirkka Veggie steak"A very basic steak. The taste is somehow too sweet."
"Stayed well together. The steak had just the right texture."
"Good! Everything was good. I would have taken more if possible."
Beyond Meat Beyond Burger"Too much meaty taste for a vegan. Stupid.”
"The steak fell apart."
"I would love to take more of this!"
“It broke.”
"There was something here that I didn't like. Otherwise good."
Plant-It Meat-Free Burger"There's something strange about the taste, something I don't like."
"The structure was really good."
"It was really good, I don't know if there was anything I didn't like."
Other Royale Burger"The taste is somehow Hodari-like. Sausage-like aftertaste.”
"Was good!"
Other Premium Burger"Stayed well together."
"Quite OK. There was something about this that I didn't like.”

Frying frozen vs thawed

We also did a little comparison on whether it's worth thawing a frozen steak before use or whether it's just as well to fry it frozen. We compared the texture and taste of Beyond Meat and Plant-It steaks prepared in both ways.

In the official taste test above, only thawed fried steaks were included.

The appearance and texture of the steaks was exactly the same after frying, regardless of whether the steak was thawed before frying or not. Based on this, we assumed that the taste would be exactly the same.

However, the taste test gave different results – the frozen fried steaks received worse scores than the thawed fried steaks. In the case of Beyond Meat, frying while frozen decreased the score by an average of 1 star. The product packaging recommends thawing the steak before use, so there are good reasons for doing so.

In the case of Plant-It, the product packaging doesn't say anything about thawing, and baking while frozen only reduced the points by an average of half a star.

The difference wasn't huge, but based on this, we recommend thawing the vegan steaks before use. It can be done with the microwave's melting power in a few minutes, so there is not much lost in terms of time and the end result is better.

What did you think of the comparison, Want more content like this?

Do you agree with the judges of the taste test? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll get an even wider range of different opinions!

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