Has it ever happened to you that you go grocery shopping in a strange market and you can't find anything there?

All the products are shelved in a completely different way than in your familiar local store?

Do you run back and forth looking for any product and go around the store at least five times, but still half of the products are missing from your shopping cart?

Why I decided to make a new kind of shopping list for us

Earlier this year, that's exactly what happened to us. We just left for fun shopping in a big market, which we hadn't been to in a long time. With the power of the whole family. And a little hungry.

So, what could possibly go wrong with that?


In principle, everything could have gone perfectly well! I was equipped by writing a shopping list for us based on a local store we know - all the products listed in the correct order so that the trip to the store would go smoothly.

And then we decided to switch to another shop on the fly.

Yeah, that wasn't a good idea.

It turned out to be such a shopping trip that the whole family stayed between the shelves looking for products for almost an hour. We checked the same shelves several times, and after a while we returned to the same shelf to pick up another product.

The step goal for the day was indeed met, but the atmosphere became quite tense.

What we learned from that shopping trip…

I don't remember that shopping trip fondly, but maybe you can still take it with humor. (At that moment, the humor was quite lacking.)

At home, we tried to think about what all went wrong and what we could improve next time.

That's when the idea of a shopping list was born, which would be organized by product type. Because the shelf position of the products in different stores can vary, but certain foods are usually found close to each other.

We also wanted a shopping list that could easily be divided into sections, so that each family member (or at least an adult) could take a section for themselves, and we wouldn't have to walk around the store with just one list...

brown and black ducks on green grass field Photo by Megs Harrison on Pexels.com
We don't have that many children. But still.

Why this shopping list is so special

This shopping list is special because it's written from a vegan or near-vegan perspective.

It does not contain any meat or dairy products, but instead it contains plant milks, plant proteins and lots of space for fruits and vegetables. The emphasis is on fresh vegetables.

Of course, if necessary, you can add meat and dairy products to the list, for example under "Other".

The shopping list is suitable for all stores, not just your favorite store, because the products are grouped by type. I have tried to think about which products are usually found near each other.

This way you can save yourself unnecessary walking back and forth between the shelves. This is especially important when you shop in a large grocery store, where the distances are huge.

You can also make a shopping list easily divided into two or four parts, because I have left the larger tear points in four different places.

For example, you can give the left side of the list to your spouse and keep the right side for yourself. Or maybe you want to give your spouse the top half of the list. With a larger group, each person can take care of one quarter.

Filling the list: 2 ways

You can fill in this shopping list either by hand or on a computer.

If you prefer to use handwritten shopping lists, you should print several blank copies of the list to wait for future shopping trips.

On the other hand, you can also complete the list on the machine before printing. This can be a good option if you buy almost the same products week after week. You can save a pre-filled list on your computer and use it as a base, which you update as needed.

Printable shopping list

Click to save the shopping list to your computer this link.

Vegan shopping list (c) Melkeinvegaani.com

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